Week 2 Task 2-4

I read a WCYDWT blog at:  http://webmaths.wordpress.com/2010/05/27/wcydwt-bento-box/

Since my comment is pending moderator “intervention”, I thought I would post my response here just in case it doesn’t make it to the original blog.  Here it is:

I will be interesting to see how your plan goes.  To go real Dan Meyer on you (not that I am an expert),  you could have also tried just showing the bento box to your students and asking them what they see.  Kind of like asking them how long a container will take to fill without providing any other info ☺.  Perhaps you can get enough disposable containers to give one to each student and see what they do with it.  I bet they would come close to what you planned, but they may also come up with something different and/or better!  One other comment: it might be interesting to do a bit of cross-discipline education – that is, giving some background on what a bento box is, what culture it comes from, why, etc.

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