What Jess does with Web 2.0 Tools

Anne Mirtschin moderator
Jess McCulloch presenter

I watched a recording of this presentation, which was at: https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/jwsdetect/playback.jnlp?psid=2010-07-26.2255.D.8C6B99F0314EDEF1A1EA04EE11FDCF.vcr&sid=2007026

Nice that they did a quick run through of the Elluminate tool before beginning.  There was no assumption that everyone had done this before.

Also had an icebreaker!  Asked what your best web2.0 tool is.  Answers:  Twitter; Google docs, Plurk, scootle, Wiki, Evernote, Schoolnotes, Blackboard, Wallwisher, Edublog, Storybird, PhotoPeach, Google Wave, Diigo, and Elluminate.  Someone also added: Top 100 web2.0 tools for educators at c4lpt.co.uk/recommended/top100-2010.html

Tools that Jess uses and recommends:
iGoogle is Jess’ home page and seemed to be used by a lot of participants.

Uses Twitter: specifically TweetDeck which is a desktop client.
http://www.hootsuite.com allows one to receive Tweets from two different Twitter accounts.

Google Reader: Jess’ checks this a lot.  This is a feed aggregator.  RSS feeds Google Reader.  Kind of like an inbox for web sites.  So you don’t have to check all individual sites.  Jess uses it to monitor changes to wiki’s instead of having to go to each wiki.

technoLanguages is Jess’ blog.  It is a learning log about technology in languages education.  http://www.technolote.com.  Lote is short for language other then English.
A particular interest is IWB – interactive white board.  She has received a lot of feedback that many teachers have not received enough training and don’t know how to use them after they are installed.

Diigo: Jess showed us her account.  Likes delicious, but thinks Diigo is delicious on steroids.  Since tagging is user driven, it can be a bit messy and tedious.  However, lots of value once you develop habit of doing it.

Uses wikispaces for wikis.  Seems to be the choice for most educators.  Jess likes to run projects and challenges from her wikis.  So, for example with IWB, she has a wiki with challenges.  Site visitors can solve challenges or post their own challenge.  People submit their solutions via videos and YouTube.  Jess has a sponsor who is offering free access to a subscription based service.

Someone mentioned that Google Docs has a new drawing board that can also be used for whiteboarding.

Popuris:  http://popuris.com.  Is also an aggregator that can display a lot of information from many sources on one page.

DailyMile.  http://www.dailymile.com. This one was for personal use!  Keeping the body fit (as well as the mind).

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2 Responses to What Jess does with Web 2.0 Tools

  1. bobbo1 says:

    It is easy to get lost in all of this technology. I hope that we will be able to find a few resources and then use them effectively in our teaching. I know that many of my students do not have internet access in their homes so they will be limited in their ability to utilize some of these tools.

  2. gk1as says:

    I tend to agree that there is quite a lot of information out in cyber world to enhance our teaching skills. We need to sift through to find what best suit our needs. I am glad that you listed the sites so others who have not heard the broadcast can look at them. Bob stated that some of his students don’t have a computer at home, but hopefully while in school they can have access to one.

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