Wolfram|Alpha Solving System of Equations

The site does a good job of providing graphs and solution sets.  However, I’m not sure how good of a learning tool it could be.  Again, it would be good for a student to check a solution, but I don’t think it will provide much more than that.

Here was the first system I entered:


The only thing that I thought odd was in the alternate form section.  Instead of saying the alternate form of y=3x+1 was -3x+y = 1, it stated 3x+1=y.

I also entered the equations of parallel lines (for which there is no solution).


Interestingly, the site just omitted the solution section.  It did not state at all that there is no solution to these equations.

Perhaps the site could be used for problem posing.  In other words, give the students a few sets of equations and then let them enter the data at this site.  The teacher could then ask what the solution represents or ask leading questions like:

1.  What is the significance of two lines intersecting?

2.  What happens when two equations have the same slope?

3.  What happens when two equations have slopes that are negative reciprocals?

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