EdTechTalk “Not so Live” Event

I tried to attend the EdTechTalk scheduled for Tuesday at 2pm Eastern time, but the event did not take place.  Someone else was there who said sometimes they just don’t happen.  So instead I viewed the previous EdTech show.

August 1 EdTech Show #85
Let’s Break Something
8/1/10 @ 4:51pm

Purpose was to find people doing ground breaking stuff.

Talked about wikis and having many people edit a wiki at the same time.  Interestingly, you can cheat and steal others edits.  Apparantly most wikis do not use sophisticated tools behind the scenes to manage mutiple editors.

This supposedly does not happen in Google Docs which seems to do a better job of managing several editors at the same time.  Although, people did report having problems with Google docs, especially if everyone was in the same lab where Google may have problems discerning ip addresses.

Facebook is banned in Vietnam.  Have to be worried a bit about local country laws.  Vietnam Reform group shows you how to get around that, but government of Vietnam considers Vietnam Reform Group a terrorist organization.

Technology was cool – 3 moderators on split screen with video and audio feeds.  I believe they were using Skype.

Moderators were not excited about iPad.  Not impressive unless you spend all your time on a plane.  Felt small laptops provided all the capability they need.

One of the moderators seems to have same model as our teacher – introducing new technology to folks in hope they will see “awesomeness” of tools so they will start to use themselves!  Addressed non-linearity:  showing tools and then letting others see the possibilities.  Other moderator said this is cool when it works, but sometimes adoption is not high unless there is some specificity.

Chatter said the moderators were not providing enough direction for the call.  I wholeheartedly agree.

One moderator who lives in South Korea was asked if he was worried.  He said probably no more worried than if he was back in the states.  Talked a bit about how the North is a presence but not a big priority for most people.  In fact he kidded that Koreans are more concerned about sporting events than the recent sinking of a sub.

There was some Microsoft bashing, and specifically IE.  Not sure of the context or whether MS bashing is still fashionable with progressive geeks.

There was some talk about Second Life.  I have never personally used it, but I do remember talk about this software becoming useful in all aspects of life including training and education.

Interesting side conversation on perception that real writers and bloggers are mutually exclusive camps.

I got a kick out of the moderator wearing a tshirt with college misspelled on it.  He said it was a reference to the movie Animal House.  The image was completed by him taking a huge swill of beer.  Made me wish I was doing the same thing watching this mess!

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