Math Manipulatives (Info from Twitter session)

Tuesday August 9 @ 3:30pm

What are “brilliant” activities with manipulatives?
Followed #mathchat using TweetDeck

Wasn’t thrilled about using Twitter for a forum, but decided to give it another try using TweetDeck.  Read on to see how it went …

I actually did my first tweet explaining that a manipulative is something the student can hold and “play” with.  Was immediately told that I forgot the “mathchat” hashtag.

Was asked if online was manipulative.  I replied only if student was controlling cursor.  Someone else agreed, stating that manipulative implies a hands-on experience.

Still figuring out how to reply to a tweet using tweetdeck.  Right now toggling back and forth between twitter and tweetdeck.

This link: has a lot of good suggestions for manipulatives.  Noticed that are esteemed professor is on this list with using finger multiplication and binary finger counting!

Gave coordinate plane on floor example using tape and students as “points”.
Cassyt said he does same thing on floor but does it to the song “Tootsie Roll”.

When asked for my “must have” manipulative, I responded graphing calculators for algebra.  Chat then got interesting – someone pointed out that there is some resistance to using them.  I thought resistance was due to calc doing work and student not understanding underlying causes.  Participant said it was also due to assessment issues.  Tough to assess whole class.

Someone talked about using m&ms and wine gums for probability manipulatives.  Wine is apparently a descriptor for the colors of the candy, not alcohol content!

Someone asked me to check out this cool calculus map:
Pretty neat visualization of what I would call a product roadmap for learning math.

All in all, I had a much better experience using this technology (Twitter) the second time around.  I still have a lot more to learn, but this was definitely a good step forward.  Plus, I got a site with a bunch of interesting links for math manipulatives!

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