Math Tasks, Bloom’s, and Assessments

The following are tasks around quadratic equations that are tied to Bloom’s levels of thinking.  Included with each level is a potential way to assess the task.  Definitions of these assessments are in my August 12th entry at this blog.

Draw 2x^2+4x+8 = 0 on a coordinate plane.
Formative and objective assessments.

Review what happens when 2x^2 becomes -2x^2.
Formative and objective

Find the zeros of these parabolas.  Are they the same?
Formative constructed response

List some real life examples that parabolas could be used to implement.
Subjective and constructive response

Summarize how a quadratic equation is different from an exponential function.
Authentic and performance assessment

List 10 questions relating to quadratic equations that could be used on our next test.
Self-assessment and peer-assessment

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