Analyzing Textbook Examples for Blooms

First, I used this site to help refresh my memory for math verbs in the context of Bloom’s Taxonomy:

Second, I used the attached example (page322.jpg) from the Algebra 1 textbook that was used in the School District of Philadelphia last year.  This is the last example in the graphing systems of equations section.  The solution is broken into the following steps, after which I have “labeled” using Blooms:

Organize:  Level 4 (Analysis)
Write:  Level 1 (Knowledge)
Solve: Level 3 (Application)
Graph:  Level 3 (Application)

Obviously, these tasks are not properly scaffolded according to Blooms.  In fact, as the solution is presented, the highest order of thinking is expected first!  Also, and perhaps more alarmingly,  there are no high-level tasks that are required.  The student is not asked to do any synthesis or evaluation in this problem.
Although I applaud this problems connection to a real-life situation, it could have gone a bit further.  For example, the student could have been asked to create a similar problem using sports.  Or, the student could have been asked to predict what might happen to the solution if the birds of prey are worth only 10 points each.

page 322

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