The Good and the Bad

Although I whined a bit in the beginning, the use of technology is what I thought was the highlight of this course.  There are probably several factors to that:  IT is my background, I am teaching a technology course this year, and I finally learned something about all these technologies I heard about (e.g. Twitter, Wikis) but never used.  Seriously, it takes time to understand these technologies AND learn how to apply them in a teacher’s setting.  This course allowed that.  Plus, our teacher was a great role model in her use of the technology and in her understanding of math.

The opportunities:  I would have introduced some of the technology at a slower pace in the beginning and replaced it with more assessment content.  Also, for some of the weeks I would have appreciated more background on the content before commenting on others or creating a mini-task myself. 

Since I took another course in Arcadia on assessment, I personally did not mind this course being light on assessment content.  In fact, I would even go so far as to change the name of this course to “Using technology to become a more effective teacher” and having that be the focus.

One last serious comment:  I was in a few online forums with our professor.  I was impressed and envious of her knowledge of math.  I certainly have some math apprehension as a teacher and am working to lessen it by learning more about math.

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